Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The (almost) completed crafting room!!

So I pulled up the carpet in my back living/family room, and Guess WHAT?! There was a pretty nice wood floor under there! So I have put together the room for scrappin' and card-making. YAY! I have always wanted my own 'space' in the house, and this is coming together pretty nicely. Here's pics, along with some new pages I made from our '09 cruise, since working in this room got my creativity going again. ENJOY!


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  1. This is a great space Keri! Love the floor! Makes it much easier to clean up paper messes too! Now you won't have to drag out the vacuum when you craft. I hated that! The floors look really good! Love your scrapbook! I have cruise pictures to finish from 7 years ago! I am going to start scrapping this winter. Need to get caught up on cards first!